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Could robo-cars crash your house price?

First Published in Le News on 28 March 2015

Driverless car at the Geneva Car ShowNew technology often creates financial winners and losers. Typically, the more disruptive the technology, the bigger the monetary hit. Which is why Credit Suisse has reflected on the impact that driverless cars might have on the value of our homes.
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Swiss Aviators beat Branson (again)

First Published in Le News on 14 March 2015

Breitling 3 Orbiter When it comes to pioneering spirit, a few Swiss names stand proud on the international stage, including three generations of the Piccard family - each undaunted by the word 'impossible'.
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Passive Smoking: Is it fair to share?

First Published in Le News on 6 March 2015

passive.jpg Two decades ago when California first introduced a public smoking ban, it set in motion a tidal wave of social change. Since then half the US States and over a hundred countries have introduced similar anti-smoking measures. In Switzerland, the issue has now moved from the public to the private domain, as we begin to debate whether tenants have the right to smoke in their own apartments.
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Another Beautiful Choice

First Published in Flitting on 19 February 2015

A Beautiful Choice Today marks the start of Chinese New Year, which is based on their ancient lunar calendar. With it comes a second chance to honour any New Year’s resolutions that may have slipped your mind as 2015 got underway. Carpe Diem!
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