James CullinanThe Mind Behind website is mainly designed to promote the solutions that James provides in the business arena and the thought leadership he contributes to society.

It collates most of his blog articles since 2010, and adds some personal texture, as a complement to the character that you may work with, or the writer who's fortnightly newsletters you may have followed, or who’s provocative tweets you may have noticed under @mindbehind.

Although James has written blogs for some time, it was only this year that he followed a passion and wrote his first book: Flitting - A Beautiful Choice.

Flitting, rather than quitting, is a novel concept which he developed as an 'independence plan' for smokers who want to reduce the harm of tobacco without having to break with cigarettes. Based on the wisdom that “If you encounter an impossible obstacle, go round it!” flitting entirely changes the rules of the game by allowing smokers to ‘keep the best and vape the rest’.

Most of James’ blog articles come from BusNet, the local “network of networks” he launched in 2009. The goal of the network was to help independent contractors generate leads and find new opportunities to perform their services, based on the philosophy of ‘Right Place, Right Time, Same Wavelength’.

James writes lifestyle books and blog articles as a hobby. In his principal role, he is as a specialist in business modelling as a process for empowering business decision-makers and unlocking business value.

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