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First Published in Busnet on 21 January 2010

Yesterday marked the first year anniversary of the Obama administration, however most commentators are still trying to make sense of his first year in office, with questions like “has his bold victory been matched by strong governance?” and so on.

Luckily we’re a business network not a political one, so we’ll save our own answers for discussions around the fireside!

Yet the ambiguous responses help illustrate a point: when our environment changes, it takes time for us to adapt to the new possibilities. When television went public, all we could think of was to broadcast a live image of the newsreader behind his desk. It took many years, the first Gulf War and CNN before we got 24/7 live coverage.

BusNet added its 52nd network this week. Not quite the 52 states, but you’re probably also wondering what to make of us. How will this change our possibilities? We would like to give you three ‘pointers’ to where we’re heading.

Our first aim is to offer an information service: a comprehensive listing of all the networking events in the Arc Lémanique – and hopefully we are getting there.

Our second aim is to enhance your ‘connectivity’ so that you can collaborate more easily with likeminded business professionals. To enable potential employers or clients to get in touch with you directly, we’re providing a free, spam proof, directory listing on our website. Find more details here (link removed).

Our third aim is to provide selective events of our own, to enhance the richness of our lives. The first of these is on 18th February, when we invite you on an atmospheric journey into the literature of Carla Haas, winner of the best book in Switzerland for La Nuit, accompanied by double bass and fine whisky. Details will follow next week.

BusNet relies on you to innovate (help us improve) and to advocate (word-of-mouth) our services. Like all new possibilities, much depends on what we choose to make of it. We hope that we can help you live your opportunities. And yes, hindsight is a wonderful thing! In the meantime, here’s our listing for the next few weeks (links removed):

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