The logic of the networked economy

First Published in Busnet on 4 February 2010

As Bill Gates advised a group of high school kids this week, “the world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself”. So how do we engineer the luck and planning that is usually needed to accomplish something?

Welcome to the networked economy, our new way of operating. Having a rich network of friends and acquaintances gives us links to vibrant information, deeper roots in our society, better opportunities to influence, and more ways to take incisive action. Barack Obama’s social-networked election victory is often cited as evidence of this.

What we like most about business networking is it allows us to feel good about ourselves while we are accomplishing something. Which is why we are so passionate about ‘connectivity’. We think it’s one of the big secrets of the next business generation. Our event listing is designed to help star performers find stellar events, while our directory is there to help build a ‘constellation’ of connected professionals.

In addition to listing your details, expertise and location, our directory allows you to link to your profile on Linkedin (or Xing etc.) - so you can relay your personal ‘portrait’ without having to maintain yet another online identity. If you haven’t already done so, you can browse the new directory with this guest id:

Username: busnet
Password: connect

The aim is simplicity, so if you would like to be part of it, it’s really easy to add or amend your information using this form.

Whether your objective is tweeting, collaborating, co-creating, building alliances, crowd-sourcing or social networking, we hope to bring the spark of connectivity to your business life.

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James writes lifestyle books and blog articles as a hobby. In his principal role, he is as a specialist in business modelling as a process for empowering business decision-makers and unlocking business value.

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