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First Published in Busnet on 18 February 2010

A local entrepreneur shared this in an email yesterday...

I thought for you last week-end as I was spending some time in a wellness centre: guess why? Because you promote networking in informal environments and, all of a sudden, I realized that this was probably going on within the thermal baths in Ancient Greece and Rome. Discussing business and projects while relaxing physically.

Absolutely! As another historical precedent, Lloyds of London, today worlds leading insurance market, had its first beginnings at Edward Lloyds' Coffee House in 1688. Gentlemen of circumstance would meet and discuss the affairs of the day, and it rapidly became recognised by merchants as the place for obtaining marine insurance.

The formal business structure of our world today is helpful to us, but it is not essential to getting things done. Access to the right information in the right context, par contre, can be critical to any mission.

BusNet has adopted the fundamental mandate of helping people connect: Right Place, Right Time, Same Wavelength. Our advocacy of networking stems from a wholehearted belief in the power of ideas. When we interact and share our ideas, we become more effective. Just the act of expressing our thoughts helps us to define them more clearly. Dialogue with others further accelerates our abilty to put content (information) into context (perspective).

An average brain has around 10 billion neurons, which allows us to spark an astonishing number of patterns (estimated at 10 followed by over 800 zeros). Networking allows us to find corresponding brains to help solve our current issue through insight (where a piece of information suddenly means more in the right context) and denouement (where a piece of background context explains and clears up a mental puzzle).

When Lloyds was just a Coffee House, the front page of the Times newspaper simply listed the arrival and departure times of merchant vessels. This is rather like the main page of the BusNet website. We simply list business networking events in the region. The rest is up to you!

Experience the time-honoured pleasures of conducting business in an informal setting. The attached rolling two-week agenda (apologies to those who didn't receive the attachment with the last bulletin – if it happens again, you can also download it from the website) presents 10 opportunities to get out there and become more powerful. If you hurry you can still hear Henk Potts, Equity Strategist at Barclays Wealth who is addressing a Luncheon of the British Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Geneva today. As the Romans would say, Carpe Diem!

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