Another Beautiful Choice

By James Cullinan, 19th February 2015

A Beautiful Choice

Today marks the start of Chinese New Year, which is based on their ancient lunar calendar. With it comes a second chance to honour any New Year’s resolutions that may have slipped your mind as 2015 got underway. Carpe Diem!

If you’re one of the 77 million people in Europe who smoke but wished that they didn’t, you may have once promised to quit. However Time magazine lists quitting smoking as the second most commonly broken New Year’s Resolution (shaded only by resolving to loose weight by getting fit).

If you’ve had no luck with ‘quitting’ this may be exactly the right time to consider ‘flitting’. Flitting is the latest plan for smokers who want to reduce the harm of tobacco without having to break with cigarettes. It entirely changes the rules of the game by allowing you to ‘keep the best and vape the rest’.

So instead of smoking a pack a day, as so many do, flitting is a way of reducing your daily intake to the two or three cigarettes that really move your world, while enjoying the clean nicotine of ecigs for all those other ‘pleasurable moments’ of your day.

"Flitting - A Beautiful Choice", which is available for $9.95 on Amazon, encourages you to balance the pleasure of cigarettes with your desire for a healthy and fulfilling life. It offers an incredibly simple approach, based on seven powerful insights.

Insight #1 describes the ‘butterfly effect’ and shows you how small change can have a big impact.

Insight #2 defines the new challenge, by explaining that nicotine isn’t particularly harmful, but smoking is. It reveals how ecigs can continue to provide the pleasures you enjoy without the associated risks. After all, it’s not smoking that kills, it’s the smoke!

Insight #3 reminds us how we cannot have beauty without health. With ecigs, you allow your organs to function effectively and your beauty to shine through.

Insight #4 explains why regular quit attempts, which are based on deprivation, leave us feeling that we’re missing out, and how this can ultimately provoke a mutiny situation.

Insight #5 shows how the best plan for you is one that you can stick with. It weighs up quitting, switching to ecigs and flitting, and shows how flitting probably beats quitting.

Insight #6 explains how we have no regrets about the past or anxieties about the future when we ‘live in the now’.

Insight #7 reveals three important breathing techniques that will allow you to heighten your enjoyment of ecigs and to down–play your reliance on tobacco.

Flitting is particularly helpful for ‘trapped smokers’ — often those in their late thirties who have already made several quit attempts, and now live in a love-hate relationship with tobacco. Particularly when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions!

So why not check it out, it really is “A Beautiful Choice”. You too may decide to join the growing community of those who now “keep the best and vape the rest”.

“Flitting - A Beautiful Choice” is now available for $9.95 on Amazon Books

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James Cullinan is the author of the new book "Flitting - A Beautiful Choice". Flitting is the latest freedom plan for smokers who want to reduce the harm of tobacco without having to break with cigarettes: It allows them to 'Keep the best and vape the rest'!

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